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I grew up in Michigan and was incredibly active and motivated to learn from a young age. My first passion was running with competitive 5k's at the age of seven. Growing up in a small town allowed me to join the schools golf team, football team, basketball team, cheerleading team, and track team. Exploring movement through sport has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. 

 I started my undergraduate degree at Grand Valley State University in Michigan where I became captain of the Co-Ed Cheerleading team. After three years at GVSU I decided to try out for Oklahoma State University's Co-Ed Cheerleading team. While at OSU I suffered a dislocation of my elbow which required reconstructive surgery. This was my first experience with an injury of this magnitude - this experience is what solidified my desire to become a Chiropractor. I was blessed with a great surgeon and rehab team and was able to return to sport in four months, nine months before we had anticipated! The following year OSU's Large Co-Ed team won the National Championship, I finished my Bachelor's  of Science in Nutrition, and immediately started my Chiropractic studies at Parker University in Dallas, Texas. 

My history of pole vaulting, gymnastics, coaching gymnastics, and poor technique in the weight room lead to multiple lumbar disc injuries. Dealing with chronic low back pain changed my approach to movement and physical health; I immersed myself in studying biomechanics, weightlifting technique, movement pre-requisites, and self care techniques. The amalgam of my time as a competitive athlete, coach, personally dealing with injuries, and my Chiropractic education have helped me to develop an optimistic and realistic approach to reducing pain and increasing function.


In late 2019 I had a gnarly mountain bike crash while riding in Utah; this is giving me an opportunity to rehab a post surgical shoulder and wrist. I'm currently working at getting back on the bike and back into the gym. In my free time I enjoy wood working, hiking the mountain bike trails, and  renovating my house and cooking fancy dinners with my rockstar wife Julie. 


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