What to Expect

Simply put, Humans adapt. This adaptation is what allows us to reach all of our fitness goals. The downside of our bodies' impressive ability to adapt is that movement is prioritized. Not quality of movement, not pain free movement, just movement. Watch people walk around Lady Bird lake and you will observe an incredible 

variety of movement strategies for walking and running.

The problem arises when the compensation our body naturally developed runs out. A weird ache or pain comes out of nowhere. You don't remember a trauma, but your favorite activity is a little less fun because of some nagging ache/pain. This is where observation and assessment come in. When we assess the range of motion and strength of major joints and understand the demands of your sport/work/hobby we can create a strategy specific to you that will allow you to move in a way that is more sustainable. 

Techniques used

Our goals in treatment are to decrease pain and increase range of motion; we accomplish this through myofascial work (think deep tissue), chiropractic adjustments, specific range of motion exercises, and strengthening exercises. 

  • Myofascial Work - A manual therapy used to address restriction and 'tightness' in muscles, tendon, fascia, and ligament. This is accomplished through combining deep pressure with movement. 

  • Chiropractic AdjustmentThe Chiropractic adjustment is a specific movement applied to a joint to increase range of motion, decrease muscle spasm, and provide a specific stimulus to the nervous system

  • Functional Range ConditioningThe most intense 'stretching' you have ever done. An approach to increasing range of motion by focusing on the deepest tissues that could be causing the restriction. 

  • Corrective ExercisesSpecific exercises used to either increase strength or change a movement pattern that is contributing to pain or dysfunction


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