Multiple Services

Flexible for each patient

New patient Evaluation

We will evaluate foundational movement patterns, assess the ranges of motion available, test strength and facilitation of relevant musculature, and, when necessary, test autonomic nervous system markers. The first visit will predominately be gathering information, with some therapy, to determine the best course of treatment. Includes home exercise program | $150 (75 minutes)

Therapy Treatments

  • Standard Visit - Comprehensive joint and soft tissue treatment, exercise prescription, home exercise review | $120 (60 minutes)
  • Half Visit - Comprehensive joint and soft tissue treatment, exercise prescription | $80 (30 minutes)
  • Quick Visit - Joint and soft tissue treatment | $55 (15 minutes)                  

Personal Training

  • Consultation and Assessment - We will discuss training background review goals, perform a movement evaluation, and gather strength and conditioning metrics to make program decisions $150 (75 minutes)
  • Training Sessions - Training sessions can be at Move First or remote  $100 (60 minutes)  *remote training cost dependant on drive time

Coming Soon


Healthy Human Project

The Healthy Human Project is our approach to lifestyle coaching. Whether you are trying to increase athletic performance, improve general health, or lose a few pounds, this program can help. Data gathered from genetic testing, metabolic testing, movement analysis, and occasionally blood chemistry will drive diet, exercise, and home-care decisions. Programs are customizable with personal training and sports chiropractic sessions. | $750 (3 - 60 minute sessions) 

Genetic Testing

We have partnered with a DNAFit to offer a comprehensive genetic panel that will provide insights on the most effective sleep, nutrition, exercise, and supplementation strategies. We will review your genetic results and devise actionable steps to use this information to optimize your health. | $250 (45 minute analysis and consultation)

Metabolic Testing

We have partnered with PNOE Analytics to offer affordable metabolic testing. We offer Basal Metabolic Rate testing to determine resting calorie expenditure and determine carbohydrate and fat utilization. With active testing we find accurate heart rate zones, analyze breathing mechanics, and can decide which exercise intensities will be most beneficial to your health and training. | $250 (1-60 minute session & 1-15 minute follow up to review results)

Nutrition Coaching

After completing metabolic testing, you will have the opportunity to receive nutrition coaching based on your results. We have partnered with AI Nutrition and their team of dieticians to offer app-based nutrition tracking and coaching. | $75 First month | $40/month 

*This is a fee-for-service practice.  I will not bill your insurance company directly, however, you will be provided with an invoice with all applicable codes should you wish to apply for reimbursement.  In most cases, I will be considered an out-of-network provider.  Typical reimbursement rates are from 50-80% of my charges once you have met your deductible.  I strongly encourage my patients to research their out-of-network benefits prior to their first appointment (including whether or not they have an out-of-network deductible).

 Please note: I am not contracted with Medicare or Medicaid, therefore I am unable to see patients who are enrolled in these programs.

Because my focus will be on you and not your insurance company’s requirements, limitations, and billing procedures, you can expect me to go above and beyond what you might expect in a typical insurance-driven health-care environment.  You can expect to make significant progress quickly and have a very clear understanding of what your problem is and what needs to be done to correct it.

**Payment at the time of service.  Checks, cash, credit, and Paypal accepted.  Also, you will likely be able to use your Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA) as payment.