The healthy human Project

Coming in April of 2021

It is common knowledge that a well-rounded diet and appropriate exercise are integral aspects of any healthy lifestyle. The problem arises when defining a ‘well-rounded diet’ or ‘appropriate exercise.’ A diet that works well for one person may prove ineffective for another. An exercise regimen may give one individual high energy and vigor and leave another lying flat. To eliminate the guesswork in forming an efficient and practical health approach, we can find many answers in our genes and physiology. 


The Healthy Human Project’s goal is two-fold; 1) to create an individualized holistic approach to health and vitality and 2) to provide ongoing coaching and accountability to ensure success.


Our Five Pillars of Health are Sleep, Nutrition, Movement, Breath, and Mindset. We will determine what attention each pillar needs through our comprehensive examination and interview process. 


Our examination will be a three-visit process:  

  • Visit 1: We will review health history, discuss your individual goals, perform an extensive movement analysis, and take a cheek-swab sample to send to our genetic testing labs

  • Visit 2: This is a 75-minute office visit to perform our Resting Metabolic Rate and Active Metabolic Tests. We ask that you fast for the 5 hours before this visit and abstain from intense training for at least 24 hours before this visit. 

  • Visit 3: In this 60-minute office visit, we will gather specific strength and conditioning metrics. We will find working capacities in foundational strength training movements and endurance capacities. 


*There will be at least one day between Examination Day 2 and 3 as these can be physically demanding days


After completing the examination process, we will write your personalized Healthy Human Project program. At this time, we will determine the appropriate number of monthly personal training and sports chiropractic sessions.  


*There will be package discounts applied to our regular fee schedule

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Genetic testing 


We have partnered with DNAFit to offer comprehensive genetic testing giving us valuable information about diet, supplementation, exercise, and sleep. 


We can determine if you will respond better to strength or endurance training through genetic testing, how you react to carbohydrates and fat in your diet, how much caffeine will affect your sleep and many other markers.  


We will review your genetic testing results and help create an action plan based upon those results. 


The sample collection process is quick and painless, with a simple swab on the inside of the cheek. 

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Metabolic Testing 

Metabolic testing allows us to analyze physiology in a way that used to only be accessible to elite athletes. Classically this data has been used to create training plans to optimize an athlete’s performance. We can, however, look at this data through a lens of general health optimization and make concrete training plans. 


We start our metabolic testing by measuring lung volumes. We will see how much air you can inhale and how quickly you can exhale that same amount of air, giving us an understanding of rib movement and breathing mechanics. 


We will then move onto a Resting Metabolic Rate test. This test can determine the ratio of carbs and fats burned at rest and your resting caloric expenditure. This data will inform our decisions on the importance of strength training or endurance training for your physiology. 


We finish with an active metabolic test, a 15-20 minute effort of increasing intensity. In this test, we will find accurate heart rate zones, determine at what heart rate you switch from burning fats to carbohydrates and determine if breathing or breathing mechanics are limiting exercise intensity. 


We will review and interpret the test results with you and provide actionable steps to use this data moving forward. 


**We recommend performing a second metabolic test at 8-10 weeks and a third at 20-24 weeks to ensure that we are making the intended changes to your physiology.  

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